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Workshops and Classes

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Workshops, Presentations, and Classes

Giving workshops and classes is a great way to not only share knowledge, but have a positive impact with a like-minded group of people. My workshops, presentations, and classes can run between 30min to 2 hours long depending on the content and number of participants. Many of these I present alongside my co-author and fellow editor Brittany Dowdle.

The most requested topics I get asked to present on are:

For Editors

  • Volunteering is a Networking Superpower

  • Results-Driven Networking

  • Networking for Freelancers (or Freelance Editors)

  • Yearly Goals and Mindset

  • Editors and Authors: Behind the Scenes of Publishing your Own Work

  • Reframing the Way We Network

  • Networking for Academic Editors


For Writers

  • Building Your Network in the Publishing World

  • Networking for Writers: Building Successful Networks for Today and Tomorrow

  • Pre-Conference Networking: get the most out of your conference experience!

  • How to write, pitch, and publish your cookbook

  • Quiero escribir un libro, ¿Cómo empiezo? (I want to write a book, where do I start?)

  • Diseñando el esquema de tu libro (Outlining your book)

  • Cómo armar tu equipo editorial (autopublicación) (How to build a self-publishing team)

To request a bulk order of Networking for Writers, Networking for Freelance Editors, Networking or The Conference Notebook for your next event, contact me directly at

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