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Pistachio's First Best Friend

Pistachio's First Best Friend


This is a book based on a true story that I helped develop for author Carolyn Mason.


Pistachio, an African Grey parrot, discovers that when we take care of someone, we learn to love them. And that even if we lose that friend, we can still be with them when we sing and take care of their memory.This is a beautiful, heartfelt little book for children to read on their own, with their parents, but especially with their grandparents/mentors in their life.


This is a lovely book for a parent or grandparent to read with the little ones in their family. Kids are encourage to write and color in the book as they learn about love, life, and African Grey parrots.


Pistachio's First Best Friend is also available on Kindle and paperback in Spanish (La Mejor Amiga de Pistacho), in French (La Meilleure Amie de Pistache) and Japanese (ピスタチオのはじめてのベストフレンド) (Kindle only on Amazon).


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