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The purpose of working with an editor is not just to improve your writing. When we work together, I give you the creative and technical tools to empower you as a writer now, but also, to strengthen your skills for your future projects too.


Unsure of what type of editing you need? 

Every writer and project is different. What works for one writer may not work with another. The benefit of working with me is that we can customize a package that works for you, based on where you are in your writing journey.

My areas of expertise are nonfiction, especially memoir, historical texts, cookbooks, gardening, How To and DIY books. 

To estimate the cost of a project, consider using the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) 2020 rates as a guideline. Note that because those rates are slightly outdated, you should adjust them for the current year. Because no two projects are alike, rates vary considerably from project to project. You can find base rates at

Linda Ruggeri
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