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Editorial Business Guidance/Service Pivoting Mentorship (for editors)


1 hour


Understanding where you want to take your editorial business is not enough. It's important to know

  • what you need to do to get there

  • when does every task need to happen in

  • how to establish a budget

  • how to plan activities that work for you, that will get you closer to your goals

Each 1-hour session is customized to building an action plan with concrete and measurable goals that works for you and your business, to get the results you need and want. The work we do in these sessions is based on the success we’ve seen with Networking for Freelance Editors and our Networking Studio courses.

My constructive guidance will make sure you are

1. Setting specific and achievable goals related to your professional development as well as business development

2. Organizing your business priorities and focusing on the WIN (What’s Important Now) while also being aware of what will be important later

3. Developing a plan of action so you can reach those goals successfully and in a timely manner

4. Building, fostering, and growing both your small network as well as your broad network, which are key pillars to being successful in the freelance world

I've worked with hundreds of freelance editors, directed the Welcome Program for the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) for over four years, and led the Professional Editors Network (PEN) mentorship program for two years. What I’ve learned through my own experience as a freelance editor, as well as through helping others who were just starting out, has given me a unique and valuable perspective for freelance business growth.

Reach out and let's chat. We can start building the freelance business you've been dreaming of right now. To better understand the experience of working with me, visit my testimonials page.

* Empathetic Editor Note: if you'd really like to work with me but don't have a budget yet, reach out to me for a courtesy call where we can arrange for a payment plan that works for both of us.

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