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Spanish Translation Reviews

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Spanish is the second most-read language in the US today. More and more publishers and companies are seeing the opportunities of reaching a Spanish-reading audience, doubling their market reach. In the US many types of Spanish are most spoken: Mexican, Caribbean, Central American, with Mexican Being the most common.

However, in many South America countries, and Spain, Castilian Spanish is more prevalent.

Which is then the best Spanish to translate your work into? Let's talk!

My Spanish language review work includes: 


  • Fixing spelling, grammar, and punctuation in the target language 

  • Reviewing voice, tone, and style to make sure you are reaching your intended audience and they understand your message

  • Making sure your text is easy to read, doesn’t include redundancies, and reads as if it has been written by a native speaker (instead of a translation)

  • Technical editing for pronunciation, common expressions, usage, and culture

  • Sensitivity reading of Spanish-speaking characters, settings, and scenes (to avoid cultural misappropriation, stereotypes, and clichés)

Today, over one-third of the editing work I do involves reviewing and assisting with projects in Spanish. From technical manuals, to slide decks, prescriptive nonfiction, to essays and dissertations, as well as children's books. If you have a project that you would like to have translated, or you have already translated and would like to have it reviewed, reach out to me so we can discuss the process, timeline, and costs involved.

References provide upon request.

* Empathetic Editor Note: if you'd really like to work with me but don't have a budget yet, reach out to me for a courtesy call where we can arrange for a payment plan that works for both of us.

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