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6 Tips to Translate Your Work Effectively

Updated: Feb 8

(previously posted on Writers in the Storm on July 26th, 2020).

Cover of the book En El Corazon de los Fiordos
“En el corazón de los fiordos” by Christine Kabus was originally written in German and later translated into Spanish.

A few months ago, my editor and translator colleague Luis Pelayo asked me, “Why aren’t more US authors publishing in Spanish?” He shared a 2019 report titled "El Español: Una Lengua Viva" (Spanish: A Living Language) from the respected Instituto Cervantes, a non-profit organization devoted to the study and teaching of Spanish language and culture. The study states that Spanish is a first language for 483 million people around the world, and that in the US Spanish is the second most learned language at every academic level.

What’s more, because of demographical reasons, the percentage of Spanish speaking persons continues to increase.